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Valmos is specialised in the production of birch veneer.


The principal activity of Valmos OÜ is manufacturing veneer. The company has manufactured veneer since 2004 when the factory in Audru municipality, near Pärnu, was opened.

We mainly manufacture furniture veneer with a thickness of 0.55 mm (including rotary cut veneer and sliced veneer), but also plywood veneer and formatted veneer of various thicknesses. Birch is mainly used as the raw material, owing to the geographical location. The manufactured veneer is a natural and environmentally-friendly product and no chemicals are used in the manufacturing process. The required heat energy is also received from wood residues created in the course of manufacturing.

Nearly all of the manufactured veneer is exported to Europe, as well as North America and Asia. The raw material is predominantly acquired from Estonia and Latvia, but if required, we are also able to import it from Russia and Finland. The raw material demand for annual manufacturing is ca. 25,000 m3 of which high-quality veneer logs form the majority. In addition to manufacturing, the company also intermediates the sale of round logs to Asia to a significant degree.

The company employs approximately 250 people, being one of the biggest employers in the region.
We are in possession of FSC® certificates that give us the right to sell our products with the markings “FSC Mix” and “FSC Controlled Wood”.