Valmose is specialised in the production of veneer.

Valmos is a modern veneer factory built in 2004.

Due to our geographical location and availability of the raw material, the major part of our production consists of rotary cut and sliced birch veneer with a thickness of 0.55 mm. At the moment Valmos employs 200 people of whom most are local. Around 97% of our total production is exported, mostly to Central and Eastern Europe.

The production area of the Valmos factory is 9000 m². Veneer is produced on four machines, three of which are peeling lines and one is a slicer. For boiling veneer logs we have 16 baths of which half are made of stainless steel.

Veneer produced in Valmos is an environmentally friendly, natural product in the production process of which no chemicals are used. For boiling veneer logs we use normal water and for drying in the kilns heated air. The required heat energy comes from our own boiler house that is heated with our own production waste.

The required birch logs are bought from Estonia and Latvia. Our annual production capacity is approximately 22,000 m³, which is sold within 11 months. Due to the seasonal peculiarities in summer we store our raw material in the “winter warehouse” to prevent discolouration and other undesired defects and deviations.

Valmos OÜ has a FSC certificate and a right to use “FSC Mix” and “FSC Controlled Wood” labels.

We have achieved the reputation of a trustworthy and sustainable producer on the market and we supply our production to all major birch veneer consumers.

Valmos OÜ web site development activities are supported by the European Regional Development Fund under the project “Valmos Export Development 2011-2013” in period 16.05.2011-15.05.2013.